Bronze Sculptor for Sale|First Snow|14″H X 12″W


“About The Artist”

Steve VanWinkle is a wildlife sculptor who grew up on a cattle ranch in Oregon’s coastal mountains. Today he lives in the Heart of the Columbia Gorge, not far from the Bridge of The Gods, in the cozy city of Cascade Locks where Art happens. First Snow was cast in 1999 and is a limited edition. This is piece 15 of 48.

“Artist’s Statement”

My goal is to bring the wildlife experience to you, in your home, in your office, with the hopes you will enjoy each piece as I do. My desire is that each piece brings you the tranquil feeling of being in touch with nature.

“Artist Commitment”

This addition will have no more than 48 pieces. Once the last piece is finished the sculptor will break the mold.


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