Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also sell hand crafted quilts?
Yes, you can view available quilts (See Quilts for Sale) page.

What kind of machine do you use? 
We use the Bernina Q-24 with the Q-matic computer. The Bernina Q24 is a high quality machine that produces beautiful stitches.

Do you sell batting for the quilts?
Yes. We usually have Nature’s Touch 100 percent cotton, Warm & Natural a Cotton Blend and we have Hobbs 100 percent Wool Batting.

Do you provide a quilt binding service?
Yes. See our (Services & Pricing) page.

What is your turn-around time?
Currently it’s 1 week for just the Edge to Edge stitching. Time will vary depending on the amount of services you want.

Do you sell machine time?
No. Not at this time.

How do I choose a pattern?
We meet in my studio. I’m passionate about helping you; together we will select the best pattern and thread color for your project. Or, we can set-up a meeting place to discuss patterns and thread colors.