My New Beach Quilt!
I love my quilt. The Longarm Stitch Pattern on my Minky material turned out beautiful. I’m taking this quilt to the beach with me; it will be my beach house quilt. I’m going to have another quilt ready soon for Lady VanWinkle’s Longarm quilting.
JoAnn; Cascade Locks, OR

Rich Creative Colors!
I love my quilt. I feel positive intentions. When I’m wrapped in my quilt I feel at peace.
Bree; Portland, OR

I bought a quilt for my significant other’s birthday. I was impressed with the variety of stitch designs. I chose the ‘LeafArama’ design. Tammy TOTALLY LOVED IT!
George Anderson; Portland, OR

I LOVE MY BATIK QUILT! The rich colors are my favorite and the stitching is beautiful. The quilt fits my bed perfectly and it makes my bedroom look cozy. I will recommend Lady VanWinkle’s to my friends.
Kristy Murray; Portland, OR

I have to say I was pleasantly surprise with the quality of my quilt. The work that went into all aspects is very much appreciated. I will definitely recommend Lady VanWinkle’s to my friends.
Mary; Portland, OR