5 Beautiful Quilts

I now have five beautiful Lady VanWinkle’s quilts! Although, I am partial to the earthy colors, I am dazzled by all of LVW’s design creations!

DJ Do, Stockton CA.

Beautiful Work!

I saw Lady VanWinkle’s quilts at the Troutdale First Friday. Her quilts were high quality and very colorful. She does beautiful work!

Engineer; Troutdale, Or

Superior Work!

I love the superior work on my Aztec quilt! Hands down Lady VanWinkle’s finished product is superb! Thank you…And the light thread as a contrast shows the exquisite machine work on the back of my quilt. My daughter will love it!

Janice, The Dalles, OR.

I love my Quilt!!!

The first thing I did after changing my clothes was snuggle up in my new quilt.

Carisa, Vancouver, WA.

I Love my Restore Quilt

We bought a quilt for our daughter years ago. That quilt went through three girls and it took a beating. I took it to Lady VanWinkle’s to restore. The workmanship was amazing. I recommend Lady VanWinkle’s for anyone looking to restore or purchase a quilt.

Greg, Lincoln City, OR.

Longarm Quilting Service

Thank you for working on my quilt. The Bernina Qmatic Stitches turn out beautifully. It really adds value to my quilt. Lady VanWinkle’s pricing is very competitive . I will recommend Lady VanWinkle’s to my friends.

Brenda, Portland, OR.

Longarm Quilting Service

I was pleasantly surprised by the many beautiful patterns to choose from. I’m very satisfied with the workmanship on my quilt. I recommend Lady VanWinkle’s to anyone looking for a longarm quilter.

Mary, Gresham Oregon

Amazing Quilt

This is my second quilt from Lady VanWinkle’s. If you are looking for great quality craftsmanship, shop Lady VanWinkle’s. I just love my new batik quilt. My quilt and pillow shams look great on my bed. I will probably buy quilts from Lady VanWinkle’s for family gifts. And the quilts are reasonably price for the quality.

Kristy, Gresham Oregon

Longarm Quilting Service My quilt was quilted to perfection, so beautifully finished; and the price is extremely competitive . Colleen, Washington

Beautiful Quilts I just wanted to say, I saw your quilts for sale page. The quilts are so beautiful. I love the rich, vibrant colored Batiks that you use. I also wanted to comment on your binding technique; the stitch is elegant and fresh. I have not seen that stitch before. The contrasting thread used makes the stitch pop. Jen, Washington

Fairyland Quilt My quilt arrived in the mail today…It is absolutely beautiful. The colors are my favorite and the Fairyland Stitch pattern is amazing. Deleasa; Stockton, CA


Wrapped In My Quilt I took my new quilt with me to the Lincoln City beach. I decided to get cozy and wrap up in my quilt. I sat on the balcony and drank my morning coffee while admiring the ocean and the sea birds. I was pleased that almost everyone that walked by complimented on my quilt. Erin; Stevenson WA

My New Beach Quilt!
I love my quilt. The Longarm Stitch Pattern on my Minky material turned out beautiful. I’m taking this quilt to the beach with me; it will be my beach house quilt. I’m going to have another quilt ready soon for Lady VanWinkle’s Longarm quilting.
JoAnn; Cascade Locks, OR

Rich Creative Colors!
I love my quilt. I feel positive intentions. When I’m wrapped in my quilt I feel at peace.
Bree; Portland, OR

I bought a quilt for my significant other’s birthday. I was impressed with the variety of stitch designs. I chose the ‘LeafArama’ design. Tammy TOTALLY LOVED IT!
George Anderson; Portland, OR

I LOVE MY BATIK QUILT! The rich colors are my favorite and the stitching is beautiful. The quilt fits my bed perfectly and it makes my bedroom look cozy. I will recommend Lady VanWinkle’s to my friends.
Kristy Murray; Portland, OR

I have to say I was pleasantly surprise with the quality of my quilt. The work that went into all aspects is very much appreciated. I will definitely recommend Lady VanWinkle’s to my friends.
Mary; Portland, OR