Are You Looking For A Longarm Quilter?

Are you looking for a Longarm Quilter? Look no further! Lady VanWinkle’s has many beautiful quilt patterns to choose from and the pricing is very reasonable. Visit Lady VanWinkle’s website and Click on the Services and Pricing page. And, while you are there, Click on the Testimonials page and see what people are saying. If you are still not sure, take a look at the Quilt Gallery.

At Lady VanWinkle’s studio you can schedule an appointment to choose your pattern and thread color in a relaxing smoke free environment.

Are you looking for high quality service? Lady VanWinkle’s the place to go!

About Lady VanWinkle’s

Are you looking to buy a handcrafted quilt. Check out our Quilts for Sale. If you are looking to customize your own quilt? Click the following links for Longarm Stitching services or contact us.