Author: ladyvanwinkles

Why Have My Quilt Finished On A Longarm Quilting Machine?

The main reason you might want to have your quilt finished on a Longarm quilting machine is that the longarm computerized stitching adds value to your quilt. Quilts are usually passed down through the generations. Having your quilt finished by a professional longarm quilter will ensure the life of your quilt through the years. The […]

What Type Of Batting Should I Use?

There are several good brands of batting in the marketplace. I use 100% cotton or an 80/20 cotton blend that has been needle-punched. The benefits of using needle-punched cotton batting is that the batting will not separate or bunch up, even after many washings. When washing use as little agitation as possible or wash in […]

How Do I Prepare My Quilt For Longarm Quilting?

You want to make sure all your seams are ironed flat and there is not a lot of fabric bulk. This is one of the most important step to producing a high quality product. Too much fabric bulk can cause skipped stitches during the Longarm quilting process. Check for loose threads on the top side; […]

Why Do I Get Skipped Stitches?

It’s not uncommon to get skipped stitches when sewing, especially after sewing a few projects . If you experience skipped stitches change your needle. Needles wear out due to the constant friction. Some materials such as Batiks are harder on the needle and require a needle change between projects. Good quality needles are important. Schmetz […]

Can I Use One Large Piece of Fabric For My Quilt Top?

Yes, you can use one piece of fabric for your quilt top. Your quilt top does not need to be a piece work top. There are many beautiful fabric patterns available. I have seen quilts with Grunge fabric on one side and a complimentary pattern fabric on the other side,no piece work. It does give […]

Are You Still Waiting To Get Your Quilt Back From The Quilter?

Are you tired of waiting to get your quilt back from the quilter? Most quilters have a four week turnaround time or longer. Do you need your quilt fast? See Lady VanWinkle’s in Cascade Locks. At Lady VanWinkle’s you can get your quilt back in one week or less. Get your project quilted with high […]