Can You Quilt With Minky Material Using A Longarm Machine?

Yes. Minky is a great fabric to use for the backing on quilts. I have a Bernina Q-24 Longarm machine with Q-Matic Art & Stitch. I just finished a Minky quilt for a customer and it is gorgeous. I used the panto_Swirl pattern. It’s a good pattern to use with Minky fabric.

Minky is an ultra soft fabric that is also very warm but light weight. Minky is produced from 100% polyester fiber or microfiber. This fabric comes in pastel colors as well as brilliant, bold colors. Minky is a perfect choice to use on a baby’s blanket. This fabric has become popular to use for quilt backing. There is nothing like being wrapped in a Minky backed quilt.

NOTE- If you’re thinking about using Minky fabric on your project, just know while Minky is a pricier fabric the bolted of fabric is approximately 58″ wide. It is definitely worth the extra cost. Best time to buy is during the fabric sales.

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