Is Sewing Batik Fabric Difficult?

Batik is a centuries old tradition for dyeing material using wax to create designs on the fabric. So is Batik fabric difficult to work with? Yes, and No…One reason quilters may say it’s difficult to work with is that while sewing they experience skipped stitches. That can happen when working on a large project, but there is a remedy. When starting your project always begin with a brand new needle. I use the Schmetz brand. If you are sewing a Queen size quilt or larger, review for skipped stitches about 3/4 of the way through. If you experience skipped stitches just change your needle and you are back in business. I also, recommend a good quality thread. Mettler thread is a strong thread and comes in many brilliant colors. When I use new needles and good quality thread, I find Batik fabric is easy to work with.

I like to use Batik fabrics on quilts because of the bold and brilliant colors and after many washings the fabric still holds it’s color.

Batik Fabric

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