Some Fun Facts About Quilting

The history of quilts began long before European settlers arrived in the New World. People in nearly every part of the world had used padded fabrics for clothing and bedding. Quilted materials were also used under armor for extra padding. With the arrival of the English and Dutch settlers in North America, quilting took on a new life and flourished.

The term ‘Quilt’ comes from the Latin culcita, meaning a stuffed sack. When we are talking about ‘Quilting’ we are referring to the process of making of a blanket by stitching three layers of materials together: quilt top, batting and backing material. The end product is called a quilt.

Quilt making was common in the late 17th century and early years of the 18th century. Colonial quilts were decorative items that displayed the fine stitch/needle work. During this time there were few quilts as only the wealthy had time to quilt.

Whole cloth quilts and medallion quilts were the styles of quilts made during the early 19th century.

Quilting says in the America the quilting industry about a 3.7 billion dollar industry. There are approximately 7 to 10 million quilter in the United States.

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