Can I Use One Large Piece of Fabric For My Quilt Top?

Yes, you can use one piece of fabric for your quilt top. Your quilt top does not need to be a piece work top. There are many beautiful fabric patterns available. I have seen quilts with Grunge fabric on one side and a complimentary pattern fabric on the other side,no piece work. It does give the quilt a modern feel. You can purchase fabric 180 inches wide on the bolt; however, if you can’t find a pattern you like, you can purchase the standard bolt of fabric which is usually 44 inches. If you choose the latter you will need to purchase two to three times the desired length and cut and sew the fabric together to get the width you want. There are online videos that show this process. If you choose this path for you quilt and you are ready for a Long arm quilter to quilt your Top, Batting and Backing contact Lady VanWinkle’s

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