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Learn How To Quilt During Covid-19!

It’s a difficult time to learn how to quilt during Covid-19 distancing but, not impossible. Want to learn how to quilt? There are several online tutorials and classes that offer great instructions. If you prefer the one on one classes, make an appointment with Lady VanWinkle. Click on ‘Contact Us’ below. Or if you just […]

Longarm Quilting Price Reduction!

Lady VanWinkle has lowered her Longarm pricing. Due to Covid-19 and money being tight, the cost to have your quilt quilted with high quality stitches has been reduced. Effective immediately Lady VanWinkle’s has eliminated the cost of the Loading Fees and has reduced the cost of the Trimming. Unlike many Longarm studios who charge for […]

Do You Need Your Quilt Based Together?

Some Quilters just want to hand Stitch their quilt top, batting and backing together. This hand stitching gives the quilt a nice traditional feel. That’s great! To make your hand stitching project easier, try having you quilt layers based together on a Longarm Quilting Machine. This makes the job much easier. Gone are the days […]

Why Do I Get Skipped Stitches?

It’s not uncommon to get skipped stitches when sewing, especially after sewing a few large projects. If experience skipped stitches change your needle. Needles wear out due to the constant friction. Some materials such as Batiks are harder on the needle and require a needle change between projects. Good quality needles are important. Schmetz makes […]