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What Services Does Lady VanWinkle’s Offer?

Lady VanWinkle’s LLC offers many services which include but are not limited to Quilting, Binding, Blocking & Trimming and Longarm Basting for hand quilters. So if you just want to focus on your piece work contact Lady VanWinkle’s LLC and we’ll take care of you. See Below Services and Pricing. Edge to Edge/Pantograph Minimum $60. […]

Why Have My Quilt Finished On A Longarm Quilting Machine?

The main reason you might want to have your quilt finished on a Longarm quilting machine is that the longarm computerized stitching adds value to your quilt. Quilts are usually passed down through the generations. Having your quilt finished by a professional longarm quilter will ensure the life of your quilt through the years. The […]

Learn How To Quilt During Covid-19!

It’s a difficult time to learn how to quilt during Covid-19 distancing but, not impossible. Want to learn how to quilt? There are several online tutorials and classes that offer great instructions. If you prefer the one on one classes, make an appointment with Lady VanWinkle. Click on ‘Contact Us’ below. Or if you just […]