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Can I Use One Large Piece of Fabric For My Quilt Top?

Yes, you can use one piece of fabric for your quilt top. Your quilt top does not need to be a piece work top. There are many beautiful fabric patterns available. I have seen quilts with Grunge fabric on one side and a complimentary pattern fabric on the other side,no piece work. It does give […]

How Do I Prepare My Quilt For Longarm Quilting?

You want to make sure all your seams are ironed flat and there is not a lot of fabric bulk. This is one of the most important step to producing a high quality product. Too much fabric bulk can cause skipped stitches during the Longarm quilting process. Check for loose threads on the top side; […]

Preparing My Quilt For The Longarm Quilter?

You want to make sure all your seams are ironed flat. This is one of the most important step to producing a high quality product. Check for loose hanging threads on the top side of your quilt; we will remove if you miss a few. Trim all long hanging threads at the seams and the […]

About Lady VanWinkle’s

Lady VanWinkle’s provides a Longarm quilting service to quilters who want to enhance their hand crafted projects with high quality edge to edge stitches. The owner, Diana Reedy VanWinkle, is passionate about working with you to choose the best pattern and thread color for your quilt. She provides a smoke free environment so your quilt […]

What Is The Turnaround Time From The Longarm Quilter?

It seem like the average turnaround time from the longarm quilter is four to six weeks. In some studio’s the backlog is a couple months. This is because there are a lot of quilters and few Longarm quilting studios. If you need your quilt in a hurry, contact Lady VanWinkle’s. At this time our turn […]

Does Lady VanWinkle’s Restore Quilt?

Lady VanWinkle’s does restore quilt. Over time quilts get worn around the edges and sometimes the backing wears out. As long as the quilt top, piece work, is in good shape we can restore your quilt for you. Our process is, we remove the backing and batting and depending on the the condition of the […]

Do You Have A Paisley Stitch Design?

Yes we have a Paisley_Swirl design. It is a frequent choice among the quilter right now. Our machine is the Bernina Q24 Qmatic. This machine produces high quality stitches. Are you ready to send your quilt to a Longarm Quilter. Click on the link below. About Lady VanWinkle’s Are you looking to buy a handcrafted […]

What are Lady VanWinkle’s Services & Pricing?

We try to stay competitive with our pricing. We do not charge for the bobbin thread but, we do charge for a loading fee on quilts larger than a twin size due to the amount of time it takes to load the larger quilts. See Pricing below. Edge to Edge/Pantograph Minimum $60. for quilts (May […]

What Services Does Lady VanWinkle’s Offer?

Lady VanWinkle’s LLC offers many services which include but are not limited to Quilting, Binding, Blocking & Trimming and Longarm Basting for hand quilters. So if you just want to focus on your piece work contact Lady VanWinkle’s LLC and we’ll take care of you. See Below Services and Pricing. Edge to Edge/Pantograph Minimum $60. […]