What is Longarm Quilting Machine?

A Longarm quilting machine stitches the quilt top, batting and backing together. There are several Longarm brands in the market place. We have the Bernina Q24 with the Q-Matic computerized patterns. The Bernina Q24 has two drive belts that can be released to allowing free motion stitching. Having your quilt sent out to a Longarm Quilter adds quality to your project. Quilting is a passion for most of us and having high quality patterns stitches added to your quilt. Many of us make quilts for our loved ones and many of our quilts will be passed down for generations to come. This is what makes our quilts priceless.

And what about us…. There is nothing like being wrapped in a cozy quilt reading a good book. If you’re looking to add quality to your quilt, see our contact page.

About Lady VanWinkle’s

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