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Do You Have A Paisley Stitch Design?

Yes we have a Paisley_Swirl design. It is a frequent choice among the quilter right now. Our machine is the Bernina Q24 Qmatic. This machine produces high quality stitches. Are you ready to send your quilt to a Longarm Quilter. Click on the link below. About Lady VanWinkle’s Are you looking to buy a handcrafted […]

What are Lady VanWinkle’s Services & Pricing?

We try to stay competitive with our pricing. We do not charge for the bobbin thread but, we do charge for a loading fee on quilts larger than a twin size due to the amount of time it takes to load the larger quilts. See Pricing below. Edge to Edge/Pantograph Minimum $60. for quilts (May […]

Why Should I Use A Longarm Quilter?

A Longarm quilter has a specialised quilting machine that stitches the quilt top, batting and backing together. Longarm stitches add life and value to your quilt. Lady VanWinkle’s has the Bernina Q24 with the Q-Matic computerized patterns. The Bernina Longarm machine produces high quality stitches. If we don’t have the stitch pattern your are looking […]

Reduced Pricing For Longarm Services

Edge to Edge/Pantograph Minimum $50.00 for quilts (Trimming is included in Small projects) Low Density Pattern – $0.020 per square inch Basic, Larger Patterns, more than 1 inch space between patterns Medium Density Pattern – $0.025 per square inch Patterns, on average 1 inch space between patterns Heavy Density Pattern – $0.028 per square inch […]

Can I Use One Large Piece of Fabric For My Quilt Top?

Yes, you can use one piece of fabric for your quilt top. Your quilt top does not need to be a piece work top. There are many beautiful fabric patterns available. I have seen quilts with Grunge fabric on one side and a complimentary pattern fabric on the other side,no piece work. It does give […]

Why Have My Quilt Finished On A Longarm Quilting Machine?

The main reason you might want to have your quilt finished on a Longarm quilting machine is that the longarm computerized stitching adds value to your quilt. Quilts are usually passed down through the generations. Having your quilt finished by a professional longarm quilter will ensure the life of your quilt through the years. The […]

Is There A National Quilt Day For 2021?

National Quilt Day is three months away.  In 2021 it will be observed Saturday, March 20, 2021. National Quilting Association began in 1991. Over time ‘National Quilting Day’ has unofficially expanded to the whole month of March. National Quilting Day/Month of is now recognized world wide as a time to celebrate the history of quilting. […]