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Want A Heavy Weight Warm Quilt With High Loft?

Try using the Hobbs Tuscany Supreme Batting. It truly is the ultimate quilt batting. Quilts with cotton batting are heavier weight and have lower loft; where as, the Wool batting has a lighter weight and a higher loft. The Hobbs Tuscany Supreme Batting gives you weight, warms with high loft. About Lady VanWinkle’s Are you […]

Is Sewing Batik Fabric Difficult?

Batik is a centuries old tradition for dyeing material using wax to create designs on the fabric. So is Batik fabric difficult to work with? Yes, and No…One reason quilters may say it’s difficult to work with is that while sewing they experience skipped stitches. That can happen when working on a large project, but […]

Why Are Longarm Quilter Hard To Find?

It’s because there are only a few Longarm Quilters out there. This is primarily due to the expense of the Longarm Quilting machine. These machines cost anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 dollars. These machines are anywhere from 10 feet to 14 feet long and require approximately 3 feet on all sides with 5 feet of […]

What Does Batik Material Look Like?

Batik is a centuries old tradition for dyeing material. Batik is the art of wax-resistant dye on fabrics to create beautiful and colorful designs. The wax is made-up of the mixture of Beeswax, paraffin and resin. The wax is then applied using a stamp or a Tjanting tool (wax stylist). The Tjanting tool is made […]

Are Quilts Valuable?

QUILTS ARE VALUABLE… As a general guide, a queen-size quilt will sell anywhere from $650 to $3,000. A baby-quilt or lap-quilt will sell anywhere from $175 to $550. There are Art-Quilts that sell for $7,000 plus. Good quality handcrafted quilts are heirlooms and are handed down for generations. Quilts make wonderful gifts for weddings, birth of a child […]

Can Someone Just Bind My Quilt For Me?

So, you love to quilt but you don’t like the binding process? That’s great. We would love to bind your quilt for you. One way to add value to you quilt is to use an heirloom binding stitch. Lady VanWinkle’s provides a beautiful finished binding and she is ready to help you finish your quilt. […]

Learn How To Quilt During Covid-19!

It’s a difficult time to learn how to quilt during Covid-19 distancing but, not impossible. Want to learn how to quilt? There are several online tutorials and classes that offer great instructions. If you prefer the one on one classes, make an appointment with Lady VanWinkle. Click on ‘Contact Us’ below. Or if you just […]